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Chemical Guys Hex-Logic 6" Foam Pads

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys Hex-Logic 6" Foam Pads


About Hex-Logic Polishing Pads

Professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts love Hex-Logic polishing pads for their ease of use and superior results. The Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Sampler Kit comes with the most popular Hex-Logic pads used for full polishing detail jobs. Choose between the fan-favorite cutting, polishing, and finishing pads for the best result on any paint finish, then clean the pads between passes with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner. Old-school wool pads leave holograms in modern water-based paints and clear coat finishes. Modern Hex-Logic foam pads use premium high-density foams and cutting-edge pad designs for clean polishing results. Every paint finish is different, and one pad can rarely work on any given car. The Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Sampler Kit covers cutting, polishing, and finishing jobs for most enthusiast and professional detailers. Cut away swirls and scratches with the Orange Pad and abrasive compound, restore gloss and shine with the White Pad and finishing polish, then spread the perfect coat of wax or sealant with the Black Pad. 

The beveled edge and breathable backing pad design ensure full pad contact with the surface, reduces friction wear and tear, and avoids backing plate contact with the painted surface. Hex-Logic grooves in the face of the pad spread product evenly for fine finishing in less time and with less product waste. Professionals understand the importance of clean buffing pads, so they remove old polish and paint residue with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner. The citrus-based formula breaks down and releases old polishing abrasives that clog buffing pads to keep the foam in prime cutting condition.

Get familiar with the refined working action of the Hex-Logic buffing pad lineup, and take on any polishing job with the 6.5’’ Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Sampler Kit.

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