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Chemical Guys Hex-Logic QUANTUM 5" Foam Pads

Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys Hex-Logic QUANTUM 5" Foam Pads



Professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts love Hex-Logic polishing pads for their ease of use and superior results. The Hex-Logic Quantum Polishing Pad Kit comes with everything you need for full polishing detail jobs. The traditional 5.5’’ size strikes the best balance of coverage and focused cutting power, and fits all standard 5” rotary and dual action hook and loop backing plates. Pick from the full lineup of Hex-Logic Quantum Pads for the best result on any paint finish, then keep the pads clean between passes with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner. Old-school wool pads leave holograms in modern water-based paints and clear coat finishes. Modern Quantum Hex-Logic foam pads use premium high-density foams and cutting-edge pad designs for perfect results. Every paint finish is different, and one pad can rarely work on any given car. Choose from the full Hex-Logic color-coded system to find the best pad for the job. The unique sloped pad profile, center-cut vent hole, and breathable backing pad design ensure full pad contact with the surface and reduces friction wear and tear. Hex-Logic grooves in the face of the pad spread product evenly for fine finishing with less waste in less time. Professionals understand the importance of clean buffing pads, so they remove old polish and paint residue with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner. The citrus-based formula breaks down old undesirable products, and keeps polishing pads in prime cutting condition. Take down scratches and swirls, restore gloss, and spread the perfect coat of wax with the 5.5’’ Hex-Logic Quantum Polishing Pad Kit.

Quantum Hex-Logic Buffing Pads

Quantum Hex-Logic polishing pads represent the great leap forward in machine polishing design. Traditional buffing pad designs can’t take the physical stresses from polishing. Regular foam pads are prone to failures in the hook and loop backing system, internal foam breakdown, and burning and melting from high speed rotation. While old school rotary polishers spin on one axis and create even stresses across a buffing pad, modern dual action machines spin and oscillate and create extra stresses and strain. With dual action mechanisms oscillating between 2mm and 26mm, extra friction and torque strain on the foam can be immense. The pad’s center experiences the most torque stress and heat buildup, so venting the pad there eliminates the greatest tearing forces and heat that destroys pads and machines. Quantum engineers designed the new buffing pads with a Precision Port center-cut hole to reduce stresses and heat buildup in the center of the pad. New hook and loop backing material channels in fresh air through vented TORQ backing plates, and cools the polishing foam and machine polisher at the same time. Traditional foam pads have a recessed step-down profile from backing pad to foam buffing side; this design ensures the backing plate never touches the vehicle, but it is prone to wear from heavy-handed user input on the buffing machine. Quantum pads use a gradual Race Face tapered profile for one unbroken line from backing pad to foam buffing surface; this design spreads out any forces from the user pressing down on the machine and saves the pad from excess wear and tear. Quantum buffing pads are designed to be the best polishing pads for any professional or enthusiast detailer.

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